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Arch is a robust trading strategy that intelligently combines the Directional Indicator (DI), Volume Directional Indicator (VOLDI), Directional Indicator Relative Strength Index (DI RSI), Net Volume, and Center of Gravity (COG) indicator. This comprehensive approach allows Arch to assess trend strength, momentum, and potential reversals with precision.

Using DI, Arch accurately determines trend direction, while ADX identifies the strength of the prevailing trend. VOLDI incorporates volume participation for a more comprehensive market analysis, and DI RSI helps gauge momentum and potential trend reversals. Additionally, Net Volume provides valuable insights into market sentiment.

The inclusion of COG allows Arch to identify potential turning points and dynamic support/resistance levels. By considering multiple indicators, Arch empowers traders to make well-informed decisions in any market condition, on any parity, exchange, or platform, and across various timeframes. Put Arch to the test to optimize performance and achieve trading success.
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