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Next Generation
Trading Strategies

Sitting at a dinner party with your friends, you may be tired of listening to how much money they make from trading and not being able to take the first step for yourself. You may have to spend months or even years to become a professional trader one day. You may not have that much time to catch up.

Monsterader has combined financial analysis experience with software development to create trading strategies and has achieved incredible results. We always believe that a good product should serve society.

Don’t fear, Monsterader is here. Easy peasy!



Our Services

Monsterader offers its trading strategies, developed with all its experience, in the most beneficial and user-friendly way. Trade like a Monster!

Telegram Signal Service

Signals of trading strategies managed by Monsterader are published on the telegram channel on the basis of trading strategy. Via the Telegram channel, it is possible to follow the signals and manually set orders to enter or exit trades.

One of the most practical methods for signal tracking is tracking through the Telegram platform. If you don't want to get too involved in the technical details in any way or don't have the time, please don't worry! Monsterader configures all trading strategies for you in the best way and keeps them up to date.

TradingView Strategy Service

All Monsterader trading strategies work on TradingView. Each of the trading algorithms is also supported by TradingView tools. It is possible not only to monitor in real time, but also to configure trading strategies parametrically!

You can instantly update your parameters according to the market conditions and create your own strategies. Monsterader has its own trading algorithms for which patent applications are filed. These algorithms can also dynamically change the signal management by including risk management.


Choose trading strategies based on your own needs, risk management and cash flow strategies. Dozens of our trading strategies with different characteristics are here for you!


Make your selections and then add your Monsterader trading strategies to your cart! Do not forget that you can add more than one product to your cart with different variations on a monthly or annual basis.


Do all your checks and get one step closer to completing your order! After completing your order, you will receive an automatic email from the system. Remember, it will take a maximum of 24 hours to authorize on Telegram/TradingView after you complete your order.


Making payments is now easier and safer. You can make a secure payment via Coinbase Commerce in seconds. Monsterader does not receive any automatic payment. You are in full control of the payment!

Comparing Service Types

Signal Service

Monsterader Managed
  • Telegram Signals
  • 1 Exchange
  • 1 Pair
  • 1 Timeframe
  • Entry/Exit Price
  • SLTP Price
  • Leverage

Strategy Service

Self Managed
  • Signal Alerts
  • ∞ Exchange
  • ∞ Pair
  • ∞ Timeframe
  • Configuration
  • Backtest Results

All in One

  • Telegram Service
  • Signal Alerts
  • ∞ Exchange
  • ∞ Pair
  • ∞ Timeframe
  • Configuration
  • Backtest Results


Trade Like
A Monster

Enjoy Your Life!

Carpe Diem!