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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement

1. Parties

This AGREEMENT (AGREEMENT) with “” (Monsterader); It has been arranged between the real and/or legal person/persons (USER) who are members of the SITE in order to use the services offered on the Internet address (SITE). Both parties will be collectively referred to as (the PARTIES). With this AGREEMENT, the mutual rights and obligations between Monsterader and the user who is a member of the SITE are regulated while using the services offered on the SITE. SITE, which is the website of Monsterader, is a platform that offers users the opportunity to review and evaluate the entire code created and does not give investment advice.

The USER is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions in this AGREEMENT, from the moment he/she opens an account to use the web applications, Monsterader mobile applications or APIs, which are the services offered by Monsterader.

Although Monsterader does not mediate any trading transactions; The real and/or legal person/persons who make these transactions are responsible for the material and moral losses or gains that may occur as a result of the investments, Monsterader; cannot be held responsible for that transactions and their results.

2. Definitions

2.1. Monsterader

It refers to the independent private law legal entity that is the operator of the SITE. Monsterader operates on its own behalf.

2.2. USER

It means the real and/or legal person(s) who become a member of the SITE by accepting this AGREEMENT.

2.3. SITE

It refers to the systems managed by Monsterader, including all web pages, web applications, application programming interfaces (APIs) and mobile applications available from the website

2.4. Cryptocurrency

They are virtual currencies that are bought and sold in the virtual environment, encrypted with software algorithms. Cryptocurrencies are not officially printed and controlled by central registry units, but are traded on digital databases called "Blockchain". Monsterader acknowledges that users know and understand the features of Cryptocurrencies.

2.5. Crypto Wallets

They are virtual wallet addresses, each unique and non-repeating, that users can define to their accounts. Transfers can be made between these addresses. Crypto addresses are randomly generated cryptographic public key pairs.

2.6. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement

This means this terms of service and privacy policy agreement and its content.

2.7. Policies to be Applied in the AGREEMENT

This means the policies that form an integral part of this AGREEMENT. These policies are; i) Privacy Policy, ii) Personal Data Protection Policy.

The policies are integral with this AGREEMENT, violation of the principles in any policy is equivalent to the violation of this AGREEMENT.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. Membership

In order to use the SITE, all users must completely fill in all the information in the form at, accept this AGREEMENT, provide all necessary documents and upload them to the SITE. Users must be of legal age (over 18 years of age) and have the capacity to act. It is forbidden to open more than one membership or to use more than one account by a member, to make transactions with these accounts. As a result of meeting these conditions, users can start using the SITE with the approval of the user account by Monsterader. The USER is obliged to notify Monsterader of the changes in case of any changes in the membership and the information provided thereafter. Monsterader cannot be held responsible for the non-approval of the membership due to the fact that the necessary information and documents are not provided by the USER. In addition, all USER accounts can be reviewed and evaluated and new documents can be requested by Monsterader at any time. As a result of the examinations or the evaluation of the information and documents provided, the service may be temporarily or permanently suspended, and the limits related to the provision of the service may be changed. In particular, USER accounts that are found to be in violation of one or more of the conditions in this AGREEMENT can be frozen or canceled at any time. The final decision on this matter always belongs to Monsterader. All USER data is collected and processed by Monsterader in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the relevant legislation. You can find detailed information on this subject in the text of "Personal Data Protection Policy" in article 8.2.

3.2. Activation

Accounts of users who meet the conditions in the above article are activated and made available by Monsterader. However, this activation does not mean that the USER's account will not be frozen again, and does not grant any vested rights to the USER, in the event of a violation of the user account in the future or in case of a violation of the terms of use in a control.

3.3. Account Security and Privacy

Including, but not limited to the ones stated below; Manipulating the Monsterader brand, Monsterader or Monsterader users for the purpose of deceiving, damaging, or providing material or moral benefit, or making promises, inside or outside the SITE (web pages, blog contents, social media shares, etc.) of the USER. to lead, to guide, etc. if the attempts are detected by Monsterader or if there is a strong suspicion that these situation/s have occurred by Monsterader; While Monsterader's Membership and Usage Agreement and all legal application rights are reserved, suspending, temporarily or completely terminating the service provided to the USER without any prior warning or notice to the USER due to this issue/s; regarding this situation, if any, his earnings and membership/reference/campaign/contest etc. has the right to take back the rewards/deeds given by other means.

It is sufficient for Monsterader to use its rights specified in this article if it is determined that the USER has acted directly/indirectly against any of the situations specified in this article, for any reason or in any way, and all the issues stated in this article are the rules that the USER must strictly comply with.

  1. To create a membership by using the identity and address information of third parties without the knowledge and consent of third parties.
  2. Opening an account on social media using the Monsterader name, logos or other images as they are or using the names and images created by changing them.
  3. Implying or trying to create a perception in this way, by using or not using the methods in the above article, to have a relationship with a Monsterader employee or business partner or Monsterader employee or business partners.
  4. To change the content of the commitments made through the company and offers like Membership/reference/competition/campaign etc. organized by Monsterader.

Monsterader does not share the USER's account, information and actions with third parties, except for the official and written request of official institutions (eg Courts, Public Prosecutor's Offices or law enforcement). Detailed information is available in the appendix of the Privacy Policy in clause 8.1.

3.4. SITE Usage

Monsterader accepts and undertakes that the SITE will be live on the website and Monsterader will ensure the continuity of the SITE. All necessary measures, including system security, will be taken by Monsterader to ensure that USER accounts are always open and access is not disrupted. However, Monsterader does not accept any responsibility for delays or cancellations of screenings due to interruptions or system malfunctions that may result from technical malfunctions. Users accept this issue in advance by becoming a member of the SITE and making transactions.

The USER must comply with all local and international legal requirements in all transactions made through the SITE. Users accept and declare that they know the current legislation and that they are obliged to know and comply with the legislation. Cryptocurrency related or not; All arrangements that can be made by the official authorities and the central registration institution, especially the BRSA, will be reflected on the SITE by Monsterader as necessary and immediately and will be binding for all users. All kinds of unlawful transactions are illegal, and in case of detection, necessary legal applications will be made by Monsterader. In addition, the responsibility of any legal or unlawful, voluntary or erroneous transactions that the users may do belongs to the USER. The USER accepts in advance that Monsterader does not have the opportunity or authority to reverse any transaction to be made on the SITE.

Money transfers transferred by users to their own account on the SITE or transferred to this account are subject to approval by Monsterader. Monsterader accepts and undertakes that all transfers to be made by users will be made as soon as possible, and that it will make maximum efforts and that its technical infrastructure is suitable for this. However, Monsterader cannot be held responsible for any delayed transactions due to technical reasons or circumstances beyond the control of Monsterader (eg force majeure).

Monsterader is free to reject suspicious or illegal transactions or return them to their source within the framework of the policies to be applied in the AGREEMENT. If the information or transactions transferred to the USER's account do not come through the name in the USER information, the rejection, return to the source or temporary blocking of the transaction is at the discretion of Monsterader. Monsterader is not responsible for any delay in transactions for any reason. Monsterader has the authority to stop and inspect all transactions that are in violation or are suspected of doing so within the scope of the policies to be applied in the AGREEMENT. The USER has accepted this issue in advance.

SITE is a product, idea, code, package sharing platform. Monsterader; SITE management, employees, support team or any person associated with Monsterader do not advise users to invest or buy. On the SITE, users examine the existing products, ideas, codes or packages and can purchase and/or evaluate these issues on the SITE. Resources such as articles, informative articles, market analysis, news that may be published on the SITE from time to time are content produced for purely informational purposes and do not bind Monsterader or have the quality of investment / buy-sell advice. It is accepted that the users make their investment or trading preferences on other platforms that are not related to Monsterader, of their own free will. All users are deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

The SITE and Monsterader are completely in the position of informing and sharing ideas. Monsterader cannot be held responsible for the profit to be obtained by the USER or for any financial (eg tax) liability that may occur in the future for this reason, or for any damage that the USER may incur. It may not be technically possible to determine the source and target of the product, idea, code, transaction pairs in the contents of the packages uploaded to the SITE or evaluated by the USER, and accordingly the changes made by platforms independent of Monsterader. Therefore, their follow-up obligation and Monsterader do not belong. The USER has accepted this issue in advance.

Monsterader undertakes to keep all USER information, USER accounts and other USER-based information on the SITE in a high-security digital environment and to take all precautions like a prudent trader. Despite these measures, users agree and declare in advance that they will not make any claims from Monsterader in case of an undesired loss.

Monsterader is not under any obligation to monitor or control the transactions realized on the SITE. The SITE works as a free SITE. However, in the event that transactions occur on the SITE as a result of technical errors, the operations may be temporarily suspended by the Monsterader technical team in order to ensure the healthy functioning of the SITE, and transactions that are found to be erroneous may be canceled. If it is determined that the USER accounts have unfairly benefited from technical failure or interfered with the SITE by means of a cyber attack (eg cyber attack), the USER accounts deemed responsible may be frozen or canceled. All requests and complaints of Monsterader regarding the return of any information removed from the SITE in such cases are also reserved. Monsterader cannot be held responsible for any delays or problems that may occur on the SITE due to such disruptions in extraordinary circumstances.

Monsterader, its directors, employees, business partners, representatives, under no circumstances, may cause data loss, value loss or other financial loss, which may arise as a result of the USER's use of the SITE or not being able to use it properly, that may occur as a result of access to the SITE or interference with the use or content. cannot be held responsible for any indirect, incidental, special circumstance or penal damages that may occur to the USER, including but not limited to loss of assets.

The USER's use of the SITE and the services provided completely means accepting and undertaking the content of this AGREEMENT, all relevant conditions and possible risks. The service available on the SITE is provided "As Available". Monsterader does not provide any other warranty coverage, express or implied, including but not limited to the merchantability of the products and services provided, their adequacy in any matter, their compliance with any performance criteria.

4. Pricing

Monsterader has the right to charge a service fee and/or transaction fee from its users for every transaction made by users, and Monsterader has the right to change these fees and rates from time to time. Changes will be processed from the moment they are published on the SITE and the SITE records are valid in this regard.

Monsterader will be able to collect commissions and/or transaction fees via cryptocurrency and/or existing bank accounts. Commissions and/or transaction fees allocated by Monsterader are non-refundable, even if the transfer transaction is cancelled. The USER declares and undertakes that he/she is irrevocable due to these transactions that he/she considers to be erroneous.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual and industrial property rights of all brands, including Monsterader, the SITE and its interface, all its content, domain name, all software and codes running in the background, databases and all other services are the property of Monsterader and all rights are reserved. Even the services (if any) provided by third parties belong to the person provided the service. Monsterader declares and undertakes that it is the owner of these rights and / or the legal right to use it. Copying, quoting, unauthorized use, duplication, dissemination, use by reverse engineering of any right, service or material within this scope, in its widest form, is against the law and also without the consent of Monsterader. Intellectual and industrial property rights in this article are unlimited and none of them have been waived. In case of any violation that may occur, Monsterader's all claims and complaints rights are reserved, and if it is understood that the USER account involved in the violation is in question, Monsterader is free to freeze the relevant USER account and to confiscate all its content in order to prevent possible damages.

In addition, users agree and undertake to avoid activities that may constitute confusion or unfair competition with Monsterader and the SITE. In case such a situation is detected, the USER's account will be frozen immediately, without prejudice to all other rights of Monsterader.

6. Termination of Agreement

Monsterader has the authority to close the USER's account or suspend access to the SITE, without any obligation and without prior notification, when it deems necessary. In case of termination of the AGREEMENT, the USER's right to use the SITE terminates immediately. The re-opening of the USER's account will take place after the necessary examinations are made and if the following conditions are valid: i) If there is no violation, ii) If there is no legal restriction on the account, iii) if the account is not under review. Due to the use of this right, the USER cannot make any demands on Monsterader. 

If required by legislative changes and legal regulations, Monsterader will be able to terminate the AGREEMENT immediately without any compensation obligation.

In case the account is requested to be closed by the USER, the USER will be able to notify the e-mail address. After the examinations, if there is no violation or legal restriction, the USER account will be reactivated.

7. Applicable Law and Competent Judicial Authority

This AGREEMENT is subject to international law. The applicable European Union will apply. Competent courts and tax offices will be evaluated in this way.

8. Policies to be Applied

The policies to be implemented within the scope of this AGREEMENT are detailed below.

8.1. Privacy Policy

All services provided through Monsterader belong to Monsterader registered at

Monsterader may collect personal data. How the collected personal data is collected and how it is protected is detailed below.

While becoming a member of Monsterader, various personal data (name-surname-e-mail address-phone, etc.) are collected in order to create membership information. Monsterader may send information about campaigns, new products and services and offers to its members. Members can make changes by entering their profile settings on whether or not to receive these submissions.

Users' personal information will not be shared with third parties, except for the purposes and scopes determined by the "Membership and Usage Agreement" approved during the membership process. However, if information is requested within the scope of an investigation or prosecution carried out by the competent authorities, this information will be shared with the relevant authorities.

The IP addresses that users use when they log in to the SITE, the device and model they access, operating systems and browser information are recorded to solve any problems that may arise with the service provided and to identify the USER. Users accept that by accepting this AGREEMENT, they give their express consent to Monsterader for the recording of this information.

Monsterader undertakes to keep confidential information meticulously and to make this situation sustainable, to take all necessary precautions and to take care in order to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of all or part of confidential information to third parties. However, if information and documents are requested by the competent authorities within the scope of laws, decrees and all legislation, these information and documents will be submitted to the competent authorities. Monsterader cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise due to this. Confidential information can be used by Monsterader or cooperating individuals and institutions for direct marketing, contacting the user when necessary, creating a database, fighting against fraud, complying with legal obligations and conducting market research.

Monsterader provides regular or individual data, analysis, statistics, reports, etc. can publish. Any such publication, news or report is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. Monsterader is not responsible for inconsistent and contradictory publications, news or reports.

Monsterader cannot be held responsible for the security of information transmitted by e-mails sent by users. For this reason, users should not write important and confidential information (account number, password, activation code, etc.) in their e-mails, which may be seen by third parties during the transfer.

Security Description:

Users are responsible for the accuracy of all the information they provide while signing up. Monsterader is responsible for the secure protection of this information. In this context, Monsterader uses 256 Bit SSL certificate, which is an international encryption standard and cannot be cracked.

Exceptional Circumstances:

User information may be shared with third parties or institutions in exceptional cases. These exceptional cases; i) Law, Decree-Law, Regulation, etc. Obligations imposed by the legal rules enacted and in force by the competent legal authority, ii) In the case of requesting information about users for the purpose of conducting an investigation or investigation duly carried out by the authorized administrative and judicial authority, iii) It is necessary to provide information in order to protect the rights or safety of users.

Monsterader may change the provisions of this "Privacy Policy" at any time by posting on the SITE or by sending an e-mail to users or by posting on the SITE. If the terms of the Privacy Policy are changed, they will take effect on the date of publication.

8.2. Personal Data Protection Policy

The Personal Data Protection Policy (GDPR) is an inseparable whole of the Membership and Usage Agreement (AGREEMENT) currently in force between Monsterader and you, the USER. This policy text is dependent on the AGREEMENT and is valid together with the AGREEMENT. No provision of the policy can be interpreted separately or differently from the AGREEMENT, and if there is a conflict between the two texts, the AGREEMENT is valid.

Monsterader prioritizes the protection and safe processing of personal data in all services offered to the USER through the SITE, by taking all measures to protect the personal data of the USER, paying the utmost attention to the security of the personal data of the USER. In the same context, Monsterader aims to protect the privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of the USER's private life.

Processing of Personal Data of the USER:

In order to be used in all kinds of services to be provided to the USER through the SITE, to identify the USER correctly and as stated in the legislation, and to prevent all kinds of illegal money movements, the identity information of the USER, which is considered as personal data within the scope of PDPL, address, telephone number, all information regarding user accounts with Monsterader, tax numbers and other user information can be saved. For purposes such as fulfilling the requirements of the AGREEMENT signed between the PARTIES, in order to be the basis for the transactions to be carried out in the electronic environment, for the planned and smooth functioning of the SITE, in order to comply with the information storage, reporting and information obligations stipulated by all judicial and administrative authorities in accordance with the relevant legislation. The personal data of the USER is processed by Monsterader.


The USER, by applying to Monsterader, of his personal data; i) to learn whether it has been processed, ii) to request information if it has been processed, iii) to learn the purpose of the processing and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, iv) to know the third parties to which it has been transferred, v) to request correction if it is incomplete / incorrectly processed, vi) to be deleted / destroyed vii) to object to the emergence of a result against the USER because it is analyzed exclusively with automatic systems, viii) to demand the compensation of the damage in case of damage due to unlawful processing.

The USER also declares, commits, accepts that, together with the use of the SITE, they have accepted the provisions of the above paragraph, have been informed about these issues, have read and understood the regulations in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, and have given "explicit consent" as the data owner within the framework of these articles.

Data Controller under the Law:

In accordance with the regulations of the GDPR, you can reach Monsterader in writing or by other means determined by the Personal Data Protection Board, using the contact information specified below, in order to exercise your rights specified in the paragraph above.

Monsterader may change the content of this policy whenever it deems necessary and in case of a new legal regulation. The Current Policy will enter into force on the date it is published on the SITE. In case of any conflict, Monsterader records are valid and binding on the parties.

9. Notices

In case of making it to the USER: Notifications made via the e-mail address provided by the USER during the establishment of membership to the SITE are valid. In case of a change in the contact information, the USER must immediately notify Monsterader of this situation. Otherwise, notifications made to the old address are deemed to have arrived.

10. Force Majeure

The occurrence of situations that prevent and / or delay the fulfillment of the debts and obligations of one of the parties, which develop beyond the control of Monsterader or the USER, will be considered as a force majeure situation (for example, strike, lockout, war (whether declared or not)), civil war, acts of terrorism, earthquake, fire, flood, and similar natural disasters, decisions and actions of the state, malfunctions caused by telecommunication infrastructure, power outages and bad weather conditions, etc.] will not be held responsible for failure to fulfill it on time. Economic reasons or reasons arising from the fault of either party are not considered force majeure. During the force majeure, the actions of the PARTIES are suspended. In case the force majeure lasts longer than 2 (two) months, the rights of this AGREEMENT may be terminated by the party that cannot be performed.

In the event of a force majeure situation, Monsterader has the sole authority to decide on the continuation, suspension, termination or other forms of liquidation of this AGREEMENT.

11. Changes

Monsterader has the right to unilaterally change and update all the terms and conditions in this AGREEMENT without any prior notice. The USER declares and undertakes that he accepts this AGREEMENT and accepts these changes to be made by Monsterader in advance. The USER has no right to object to the changes made. Changes become effective on the date they are announced by Monsterader on the SITE. Continuing to use the SITE means acceptance of the changes made.

12. Final Terms

This AGREEMENT will enter into force at the time of the USER's membership to the SITE and will remain in effect until terminated.

No legal, tax or investment consultancy is provided within the scope of the SITE. The information tools accessed from the SITE only aim to provide general information to the USER about the products, ideas, codes, packages on the SITE, and these tools cannot be interpreted as investment training or consultancy provided by Monsterader in any way.

The decisions regarding whether the transaction that the USER intends to perform is suitable for his personal purposes and financial situation and the risks arising from them are the sole responsibility of the USER, and Monsterader has no responsibility for the consequences of the transactions performed by the users on the SITE, regardless of the purpose.

If any provision of the AGREEMENT is found to be invalid by official authorities (eg Courts), the relevant article is deemed to have been removed from the AGREEMENT text, but the other articles of the AGREEMENT will remain in effect.

This AGREEMENT consists of 12 articles.

This text was updated on 13 May 2022.