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Genius Basic

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Pricing Plan: Annually

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This trading strategy uses lots of features and was created with an algorithm that works in Dynamic Plus mode. Dynamic Plus Mode trading strategies allow to change the start and end dates of Safe and Crazy modes offered in Dynamic mode. Thus, you can change the working dates of the modes in Dynamic Plus according to parity, centralized exchanges or trading pairs.

Genius Basic is one of the most important and useful trading strategy ever developed by Monsterader.

For detailed explanation, please check Genius specifications.
You can review how to use document for manually trading or automated execution.



This is the MT Genius trading strategy without the cash out feature. For strategy details, you can review MT Genius. Since there is no cash out feature, total gains and losses may vary because strategy equity management will differ between the two trading strategies.

Important Notes for Backtest Results

  • This trading strategy has been tested on multiple parities, multiple centralized exchanges, multiple timeframes based on transactions between 01.01.2021 and 31.10.2022.
  • There are multiple parametric algorithms behind this trading strategy, and the content, number, behavior and outputs of these parametric algorithms are the main factors in determining the trading strategy.
  • This trading strategy organized with parametric algorithms, there are areas for TradingView users to change and customize according to their own decisions.
  • You can use this trading strategy to trade with any parity, any exchange or platform, any timeframe. This backtest results are only shown as examples and capabilities of trading strategy.
  • Please note that the TradingView "Use Bar Magnifier" feature is mandatory for this trading strategy.

Just to give you an idea!

You can see some of the best results that came out of these tests with several timeframes and few pairs as follows.

Backtest Scenario 1

  • Net Profit: 250x
  • Accuracy: 98%
  • Timeframe: 12H

Backtest Scenario 2

  • Parity: AMZNUSD
  • Net Profit: 4x
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • Timeframe: 12H

Backtest Scenario 3

  • Net Profit: 15x
  • Accuracy: 99%
  • Timeframe: 8H

Important Notes

  • The results of real-time trading may change depending on the timeframe, parameters, parities and leveraged exchanges.
  • The commission rate realized in real-time trading transactions is accepted as 0.04. The commission rate can be adjusted from the strategy parameters according to the platform on which the transactions will be executed.
  • Real-time trade data can also be observed in the transactions.
  • This trading strategy is closed-source, Invite-only and NOT free.
  • Permission will be automatically granted in 24 hours for who subscribed for this trading strategy with related strategy short code from our website.

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