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Frequently asked questions and answers

Monsterader is a platform where trading strategies are shared. Trade strategies, developed with the expertise of our team, are produced to serve end users. Monsterader trading strategies are paid. You cannot access it without paying for the trading strategy you want to buy.

Monsterader is not a bot. It is a platform where advanced or next generation trading strategies are shared. The trading strategies sold on Monsterader are quite flexible. They have parameters that can be changed according to end users’ own strategies and investment management.

We use the trading strategies that we have developed and put up for sale, just like you do. We are also very satisfied with the results. We believe that good products should always serve to the community.

Monsterader trading strategies can be optimized to support all your financial strategies. You can optimize them for short or long-term trades, as well as allow you to trade with low or high risk. Moving the markets in a narrow price range or in a wide price range may also require a separate strategy. You can completely manage all these approaches by yourself.

After purchasing your Monsterader trading strategy, the system automatically grants access to your TradingView user. Your access authorization on TradingView will be granted within 24 hours at the latest. After your access authorization, you can add the relevant trading strategy to the chart on TradingView. After you optimize your parameters for yourself, you can create an alarm. The alarm you create with the relevant parameters will send you a notification when the relevant conditions are met.

Monsterader trading strategies do not trade on your behalf. The trading strategy that you choose only gives signals. These signals are in TradingView’s own standards and you can also run these signals autonomously if you wish. However, the steps that you run autonomously are entirely your responsibility. Monsterader only works until the signal trigger part.

TradingView is a platform that uses popular, reliable and heavily used financial instruments all over the world. It’s not just financial instruments, it also has a huge amount of data on it. It has a wide range of data on all kinds of markets and parities. In general, it is a platform where all professionals spend time and use these tools. You can use TradingView from desktop or mobile applications or browser by creating a user profile.

TradingView is a platform with very comprehensive features and tools. No need to reinvent the wheel over and over. You need two basic layers to trade. The first layer is the decision mechanism that decides when to buy and when to sell. The second layer is actually processing that trade, which makes that decision. These two basic layers are divided into thousands of parts within themselves and each one has its own engineering details. Some of the most important criterias for choosing TradingView are; a globally known and reliable platform, to have large historical data, to work in a dedicated and stable manner in real-time transactions. In addition to these, the fact that it has its own scripting language called Pinescript, which we can use for both data processing and data visualization.

The system will automatically define the access authorization on TradingView within a maximum of 24 hours after any purchased trading strategy on Monsterader. Because of the authorization process is done on TradingView, to enter the correct TradingView username is the most important issue in the checkout step of the order.,

No need to pay for basic usage. TradingView is a very comprehensive financial platform. There are different membership types and packages available according to your needs. Monsterader trading strategies are compatible with the free TradingView subscription type. If you want to do advanced analysis, we recommend you to review TradingView membership types.

Parameter optimization is essential to bring your trading strategy into go live. It is also necessary to make decisions about how much profit a strategy will take from the trade or how much loss it will get from the trade. These and many more parameters are available on the basis of each trading strategy. You can shape your own strategy in many types, such as daily trading, short-term transactions, risky transactions, long-term transactions, and trading in a wide price range. etc.

Monsterader uses Coinbase Commerce as its payment method. You can make your payments with coins supported by Coinbase Commerce. It supports coins like BTC, ETH, LTC or USDC and more. Prices are determined by the trading strategies and plan you will pay. For example, Monsterader has monthly or annually subscription plans for all trading strategies. Let’s assume that you’re going to pay for a trading strategy that’s priced annually. In this case, the current value of any coin corresponding to the annual amount will appear on the Coinbase Commerce system. You can make your payments via the DEX, CEX or wallet you want over the specified coin value. Remember, Coinbase Commerce payment method does not have auto-renewal function! Therefore, no automatic renewal fee can be charged from you!

Since you can access Monsterader trading strategies through TradingView, you can configure or implement the automatic trading through TradingView. Monsterader trading strategies only trigger signals. Connecting the signal to any platform autonomously is possible with different features of TradingView. For example, it can be done through broker accounts or via a webhook. At this point a technical know-how may be required. There are detailed documentations for this topic on Monsterader and TradingView websites. We highly recommend that you review them.

Test results stated for Monsterader trading strategies are purely retrospective. Monsterader does not guarantee that these results will repeat in the future. But at the end of the day, the whole operation here is based on mathematical probabilities and formulas. Therefore, you can make your own estimation based on the historical data and backtests you have. The most important thing here is that Monsterader trading strategies calculate some complex conditions and notify you of the corresponding signal. From the moment this signal reaches you, all the decisions you will make are entirely your own decision mechanism. At Monsterader, we can run tests on past data and share the results with you, but commenting on the future should be entirely under your control.