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How to Use

Using a Trading Strategy with TradingView Service

When you enter Tradingview with your Tradingview username and password, you can add the "Private Invite-only" indicator/strategy that we share with you to your own chart. You can click on this link for more detailed information and directions on this subject.

You can use the indicator you added for your own work in 3 ways

Manual Trading

According to the buy or sell signals on the Tradingview chart, you can manually place a buy or sell order from any brokerage house (exchanges, banks, etc.).

Broker Applications

You can make automatic trading transactions by connecting the indicator to intermediary institutions. You can use this link for the broker list on TradingView.


Tradingview Webhook is a method that sends a message when an alarm is triggered in a third-party structure. To activate this method, you must select the "Webhook URL" heading in the "Alert Actions" section. The webhook is created by entering the correct text in the relevant fields in the URL and Message headers.

This option requires deep-dive technical experience, so if you are a developer, webhook can be an option for you. With the help of TradingView webhook alerts, you can notify a middleware application which place a buy or sell order and create an automated trading process for you. The middleware application that you developed or 3th party may be able to place an order to an exchange. In order to give an example in general, you can examine the Binance link for the structure that explains how the API connection is made.

You can also examine these open source projects as an example of trading middleware application.

Using Tradingview Alerts

You can use TradingView alerts to view and receive notifications when any Monsterader trading strategy has entry or exit signal, along with their values. These alarms can also be sent to your phone via the TradingView mobile application, if desired. Setting and managing an alarm is a very easy process. How the alarm is set up is explained in detail on this link.


Webhook is a very useful feature not only for middleware applications but also for third party applications. You can send notifications via instant messaging applications such as Telegram or Slack etc.

In summary, you can use TradingView alerts to view entry and exit positions. You will be notified thanks to the alarm set in any buy or sell transaction. Setting up TradingView alerts is entirely up to you. The operation of Monsterader trading strategies are regulated independently of TradingView alerts.

Using a Trading Strategy with Telegram Service

When you buy a Telegram Service, you will see the channel link of the telegram service you purchased in the order. After you request to join the telegram channel via the relevant link, the system will automatically check your order and approve or reject it if appropriate.


Due to Telegram privacy policies and to keep our users away from spammy behavior, Monsterader does not automatically add you to any telegram channels/groups. Monsterader can approve or reject your invitation only if you you want to join.

And get buy or sell signals instantly. You can only see the signals from Telegram channels. If you want to see parameters, backtest options and other specifications, you have to get TradingView Service for each trading strategy or get them together.

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