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How to Buy


You must have a Tradingview account or a Telegram account to use Monsterader trading strategies. Feel free to create a Tradingview or Telegram account if you don't have.

Trading Strategy Prices

Trading strategy prices may vary according to platform, multiple parameters and categories. The process of determining, changing or making the trading strategy prices into campaign prices is carried out only by Monsterader.


Trading strategy prices are determined monthly or annually and trading strategies are renewed monthly or annually.

Buying Trading Strategy

You can buy any of the trading strategies listed on the site by adding them to the basket.


For TradingView Service, the codes in these trading strategies are available as "Code Protected" on Tradingview with the "Private Invite-only" option.

For Telegram Service, the signals for any trading strategies are available on Private Telegram Signal Channel.

Therefore, in order for us to identify the trading strategy or trading strategies you have decided to purchase, you must enter the Tradingview username and/or Telegram username on the check out page.

After the purchase is completed, we will send the purchase confirmation email to the name of the Tradingview user and/or Telegram user you entered in the relevant field within 24 hours, showing the trading strategy or trading strategies you have purchased.

You can use this link for more detailed explanations of "Private Invite-only" scripts.


Monsterader only accepts crypto payments for sales of trading strategies. Payments can be made through Coinbase commerce. Coinbase commerce payment method and supported currencies can be examined in detail here.

About Commisions

When making a payment through Coinbase commerce, the commission rate should be added to the amount to be paid by the buyer. The commission rate varies depending on the currency you will pay. You can see the commission amount on the platform where you will pay.

Sales prices of Monsterader trading strategies are determined without Coinbase commerce commission rates.


Let's say the product to buy is worth $100.

If we assume the commission amount to be taken for the payment as 1$, the payment should be 100$ + 1$ = 101$ dollars.

Otherwise, the payment will be less than the selling price and the payment status will be evaluated as "Underpaid" and order status will be automatically put into "On Hold" status.

In such a case, you will need to contact and complete the missing part of the payment.

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