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Execution Types

No Trading Advice

Monsterader is a product, idea, code, trading strategy sharing platform. Monsterader; site management, employees, support team or any person associated with Monsterader do not advise users to invest or buy. On the site, users examine the existing products, ideas, codes or trading strategies and can purchase and/or evaluate these issues. Resources such as articles, informative articles, market analysis, news that may be published on the site from time to time are content produced for purely informational purposes and do not bind Monsterader or have the quality of investment / buy-sell advice. It is accepted that the users make their investment or trading preferences on other platforms that are not related to Monsterader, of their own free will. All users are deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

Manual Trading


Let's say you bought one or more of the Monsterader trading strategies and added this strategy to any pair on TradingView and/or get the invite code for Telegram signal channel as explained in the how to use section and set your alarms. In this case, you will be fully responsible for all kinds of trading transactions you will make in that parity and with what leverage, in which centralized exchange, and with what amount. Opening or closing a position, deciding in which candlestick timeframe to open, determining the stop loss or take profit points will be completely under your control.


Please note that Monsterader cannot be held responsible for any profit or loss arising from the transactions.

Automated Trading


Let's say you connect the Monsterader trading strategies you purchased to a centralized exchange with the help of Webhook and API and trade automatically. In this case, all areas such as the predetermined leverage level, stop loss and take profit percentages, candlestick timeframe, execution of transactions, etc. in that trading strategy will work automatically.

On the Monsterader trading strategy, it can be seen in which parity and which results it gives, as of the tested time interval. If you want, you can perform this backtest on TradingView.

Please note that Monsterader cannot be held responsible for any transaction made with the automated execution option, the profit and loss arising from these transactions, the operation of the connections made with the centralized exchange, or any mishaps that may occur independently of all these areas.

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