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Who We Are

Monsterader creates trading algorithms that can be used in automated or manual trading operations via Tradingview or Telegram, minimizing the complexity of manual trading operations in the markets and using multiple parameters.

Parametric trading algorithms in Monsterader can be used in trading transactions that will be carried out independently of cryptocurrencies, centralized exchanges and other trading pairs.

Do not worry

Monsterader's main purpose is to enable traders to trade more comfortably in the short and long term by using Monsterader trading algorithms. 🧸


No Trading Advice

Monsterader is a product, idea, code, trading strategy sharing platform. Monsterader; site management, employees, support team or any person associated with Monsterader do not advise users to invest or buy. On the site, users examine the existing products, ideas, codes or trading strategies and can purchase and/or evaluate these issues. Resources such as articles, informative articles, market analysis, news that may be published on the site from time to time are content produced for purely informational purposes and do not bind Monsterader or have the quality of investment / buy-sell advice. It is accepted that the users make their investment or trading preferences on other platforms that are not related to Monsterader, of their own free will. All users are deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

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